Sara Sumic-Skin Health: Tips To Improve and Take Care of your Skin Naturally #87

13 October 2021

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Sara (@healthyskinglows) is a skin coach, helping women with adult acne or generally unhappy skin get clear and glowing skin. After battling her own acne for many years, she has healed her skin herself through proper nutrition and skincare that supports a healthy skin barrier. She has a Master's degree in molecular biology, which allowed her to learn the inner workings of the skin directly through reading countless research papers. Furthermore, working directly with hundreds of clients has solidified exactly which methods work to get clear skin for life.

In episode 87 of the podcast I speak with skin coach, Sara Sumic all about skin health. Sara shares tips on how to improve and take care of your skin naturally.

Honestly, this has to be one of my favourite interviews/ podcast episodes that I have recorded. As I mention in the interview, skin care has always ben this grey area, but that isn't to say that I don't make an effort to take care of my skin. I've never been one to buy skin care products, I have always kept things pretty simple when it comes to my skin. But scrolling through social media or on google, you always see someone promoting a skin care product or a routine. Seeing all this often made me wonder, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe I'm missing something when it comes to skin health. You might be feeling the same way. But in the episode, Sara talks about how skin care is all very personalized but also we often have to go back to basics. Meaning your skin does not necessarily want or need all these products, that are often filled chemicals that damage the skin.

What we discuss in the episode

  • PCOS and acne-causes/drivers
  • Natural ways to treat acne instead of medication
  • Popular skin care tips/myths that don’t actually help and can make the skin worse
  • A link between food and breakouts/acne?
  • How important is a diet/nutrition for skin health
  • Habits for healthy skin
  • Process/Steps to take to begin improving the skin instead of buying a bunch of popular or trending products
  • Signs skin is improving-what if doing everything right but still getting breakouts.
  • Safe skin care products
  • Skin care products that are a no go. What ingredients/chemicals should people be aware of/natural ingredients that are bad for the skin

This weeks episode is filled with so much great eye opening information. I could speak with Sara for hours, the knowledge she has about the skin and skin health is incredible! I learnt tons from this hour long chat with her.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

Healthy Skin Glows

Sara's online course- 'Skin Rebalancing Protocol'

Connect with: Sara Sumic

Healthy Skin Glows | Instagram | Facebook


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