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I think you will agree with me when I say:

It is really frustrating when you are given a PCOS diagnosis but are not provided with a long-term solution to treat the problem.

You are led to believe the Birth Control Pill, losing weight and going on a low carb diet is the way to treat PCOS.

Unfortunately, it is the limited amount of knowledge the medical institution has around the condition which results in the lack of support given to women, as such the root cause of their PCOS goes untreated.

Your PCOS may be a result of high androgens. However, the root cause will be different because there is more than one type of PCOS, including, insulin resistant PCOS, adrenal PCOS, post-pill PCOS, thyroid related PCOS.
If PCOS is left untreated, symptoms can be exacerbated resulting in serious health risks. Everything I had been told couldn't have been further from the truth.

I Have Been There

I understand you may feel confused, lost and a little overwhelmed. I have been there. After listening to my Doctor and undertaking every diet touted as being the best for PCOS, losing weight, cutting carbs, going low GI and over exercising nothing worked. All of the above not only made my PCOS worse, but I also developed an eating disorder. My life seemed like it was going from bad to worse every day.

Everything I had been told couldn't have been further from the truth.

Let me Help you

My virtual consultations are for women who are finally looking to take back control of their health and reverse their PCOS. I want to help you sieve through all the information you have accumulated over time and provide you with real information you need to know to start your healing journey. I am here to tell you, there is a long-term solution to your problem. You can reverse your PCOS symptoms and live a near symptom-free life.

After spending an endless amount of hours researching PCOS and studying nutrition, I embarked on my own mission to treat my PCOS and regain my lost period. Once I found what the root cause of my PCOS was and why I had lost my period I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Within 6 months of making simple changes, to both my diet and lifestyle,  I began to see considerable improvements in my symptoms and I regained my period after 6 years. I want to show you how I restored my period, treated my PCOS and all of its symptoms, without the use of pills or medication, all natural and you can do the same.

You no longer have to feel lost or alone. It is time you took back control and regained the life you have always wanted. It is never too late!


It's Time to put an end to...


Avoiding Carbs and Fats

Following a low carb diet is often not the answer to PCOS, it is more about choosing the better sources of carbs for your PCOS diet. 

Also, following a low-fat diet is yet another approach many women follow in pursuit of weight loss. However, fat is not bad! Consuming fat is necessary for hormone regulation and the absorption of certain fat-soluble vitamins.

Low Calorie and Restrictive Diets

Say goodbye to the traditional eat less and exercise more approach and hello to the new method, eat more and exercise less.

Low-calorie and restrictive diets are not sustainable, and it is for this reason why you find yourself 'failing' or 'falling off the wagon'. It is not your fault.

No more dieting, it must be a lifestyle change.



Exercise is a key component involved in reversing your PCOS, however, over-exercising can cause harm to your hormones.

Over-exercising can increase inflammation in the body. Acute inflammation is caused as a result of the stress put on the body during exercise. Once the body has had time to recover the inflammation decreases. Chronic inflammation occurs when you do not allow your body time to recover due to over-exercising.

Using Diet Pills and Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills do not get to the root cause of PCOS. Doctors often prescribe the pill because they are trying to treat a symptom of PCOS rather than the condition.

Not only does the birth control pill not get to the root cause of PCOS, but it also causes a whole range of problems to our hormones and gut, but also depletes our body of vitamins and minerals.


Single Coaching Session


One time payment

The single coaching session is for anyone looking to achieve a specific goal.

You will receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out. All your responses will be confidential. You will then be required to send the questionnaire back to me before our scheduled consultation.


60-minute consultation

During our consultation, I will provide you with advice and recommendations about what to change about your current diet and lifestyle as well as what new things you should include or start doing that will get you to achieve your specified goal.


1-week email support

From the day of your initial consultation, you will have 1 full week email support where you can ask me whatever you would like. Take advantage of this feature, I always encourage my clients to ask me any question they may have.


Personalized care plan

I am not a fan of strict meal plans, however, I will provide you with some guidance and recipe ideas. You will receive a one-day meal plan guide example, shopping lists, and my supplements recommendations.


20-minute follow-up consultation

We will schedule a 20-minute follow-up consultation 1 month after your initial consultation where we will discuss how you are progressing with the changes recommended.

I've worked with so many coaches. Why will working with you be any different?

I 100% understand your reservation in taking this step. It can be hard committing to someone without feeling some assurance.

Unlike with other coaches you may have worked with, I take a holistic approach to both nutrition and training.

As a coach I do not focus on the symptoms, I search for the root cause of the problem. I assess what possible reasons are causing the symptom.

Everything from what you eat, how many hours you sleep to the way you speak to yourself can prevent you from making positive change and progressing on your healing journey.

Through my very own experience of reversing my PCOS and regaining my period, twice, and from working with my clients, I have developed a protocol to balancing hormones which include; diet/nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and mindset. I do not focus solely on nutrition and exercise, as I firmly believe our mindset has a significant impact on our ability to restore balance.


What People are saying


Despina is the one person that really helped me understand my PCOS. I was really stuck with my eating and workouts before I met her. She set me up with great workouts and examples of how to do them properly. We worked on my eating habits and got them on track. I would suggest signing on with her, she's an amazing person and coach!

Rachel  Pallan-Zarate

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Despina has been incredibly helpful throughout my PCOS journey! She has taken the time to really get to know my case and give me incredible advice! She is extremely knowledgeable on all things PCOS related.

Cassie Cataldo


Awesome advice and coaching! I had questions and was unsure of a lot of things. Always there to help, support and very positive! Understands life and how this is not a diet it's a lifestyle change. I highly recommend getting in contact if you have PCOS.

Kelsay Layden

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Whenever I needed any help or any advice regarding any issue related to PCOS, Despina would always be available and readily reply and all her advice is well supported with reasons that's why one should follow them. Her page is very helpful and has really helped me understand and learn about a lot of things that I was unaware about. Thanks a ton and keep up with the amazing work and keep inspiring everyone the way you do...amazing research work!

Nupur Chhabra


Not Sure if I am the Coach for you?

I am aware that my package can be a huge investment and therefore understand if you are not ready to fully commit to my coaching services.

BUT I still want to help you take back control from PCOS. My mission is to empower you with the information you need to reverse your PCOS naturally and to be an advocate for your health.

Therefore, below you can find The PCOS Support Manual, a FREE downloadable guide that I created to provide women with the latest information on PCOS.

Download The PCOS Support Manual and educate yourself on PCOS and my approach to treating it naturally.


The PCOS Support Manual

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS and struggle with the symptoms, I am here to support you and help you take back control of your health.

Inside this Free ebook, The PCOS Support Manual you will learn:

  • How to know what type of PCOS you have
  • The symptoms and risk factors associated with PCOS and how best to treat them naturally
  • What your diet should look like, which foods are best for PCOS and which foods may be harming you
  • Why exercise is essential for treating PCOS as well as the best types of exercises you should be doing

Click the button below and download your support manual today. No one should struggle with PCOS alone.