Dr Joel Rosen: How To Naturally Heal Your Adrenal PCOS #41

2 May 2019

Dr. Joel Rosen Naturally heal adrenal PCOS ep.41

Dr. Joel Rosen (@dr_joel_rosen_) is the founder of thetruthaboutadrenalfatigue.com. He is an expert in repairing the broken stress response system in the body, resetting the circadian rhythms in the body, that impacts all body system including the HPA axis. He is a chiropractic physician, a certified functional medicine practitioner, and utilizes his undergraduate degrees in exercise physiology and psychology, as well his training in nutrigenomics and epigenetic, in order to custom build recovery programs. His private practice is located in Boca Raton, FL, but his coaching clients reside all over the world. Joel hosts his podcast "Your Adrenal Fix". Joel is passionate about impacting the practice of healthcare vs sickness care, and has made it his personal mission to educate doctors and patients alike on the truth about adrenal fatigue, and how the impact of stressors impact more than the adrenals, right up to the cellular level. Joel suffered from his own adrenal fatigue health concerns, and now educates tens of thousands of clients around the world.

We cover a lot of valuable information in this episode as well as great practical tips you can apply to help heal your adrenals and PCOS.

Find out:

  • Dr. Joel's adrenal fatigue journey 4:04
  • What the adrenals are 7:48
  • What the link between the adrenals and PCOS is 11:56
  • Symptoms of adrenal PCOS 17:12
  • Cause of adrenal problems 19:17
  • Tests for your adrenals 21:28
  • Heal your adrenals naturally 26:58
  • Importance of living by your circadian rhythm 27:27
  • Should you follow intermittent fasting 31:05
  • Do you need supplements and which ones  35:12
  • The best exercise for healing the adrenals 40:39
  • Dr. Joels biggest tips for healing the adrenals 43:22
  • Should you avoid caffeine 45:0


Please enjoy!

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