Nathan Colonna: Eliminate Stress in your Life-Stop These Stress Causing Habits #62

27 August 2020

Nathan Colonna-eliminate stress in your life-stop these stress causing habits

Nathan (@colonna_fitness) is a holistic personal trainer based out of Washington D.C. with over 10 years of personal experience dealing with his own health complications as well as working with clients in person and online.

His goal is helping others unlock their body's potential through postural/gait cycle performance, trigger point therapy, anti-stress nutrition/supplementation, anti-stress living, and helping others understand the Word of God.

His focus is to attack both the visible and invisible stressors that lead to everlasting suffering. Nathan understands that stress is the number one culprit for disease and sickness and is rooted in physical, chemical, emotional, and even spiritual sources.

He hopes to provide the most effective and truthful information that will provide everlasting results.

In episode 62 of the podcast, I speak with Nathan Colonna all about stress and how to eliminate it from your life. Stress is something we are all exposed to on a pretty much a daily basis and as we all know, stress is a huge driver for many chronic conditions and a root cause for PCOS and hormonal issues. So stress management is one of the key components we need to focus on to heal our hormones.

Now in order to work on lowering our stress levels, we first need to know the stressors we are exposing ourselves to everyday. So in the interview, Nathan identifies a range of stressors and stress causing habits-some of which you may not even know are putting stress on the body.

Nathan also delves into how stress effects the body and the different nutrition and lifestyle habits you can implement into your life to help you reduce stress.

Things we cover in today's episode include:

  • Nathan's health journey/story and how he works with his clients [00:07:05]
  • What stress is, examples of stressors and how it effects the body [00:13:51]
  • Why your exercise routine should prioritize posture and gait cycle [00:28:06]
  • Popular diet and lifestyle approaches that are in reality putting stress on the body [00:31:48]
  • Trigger pointing/myofascial release-the hidden key to reducing pain and releasing stress [00:46:36]
  • Habits/ways to eliminate stress (nutrition and lifestyle) [00:49:03]
  • Top anti-stress supplements [01:05:31]

Nathan highlighted a lot of great information in the episode about what we perceive health to be (based on what we see online) and what health really is. It is quite shocking to hear how many stressors our body is exposed to every single day. It was really great chatting with Nathan, he puts a lot of things into perspective and breaks down how we can eliminate many of the stressors that are making us sick.

Please enjoy!

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Hey there! I am Despina Pavlou, founder of PCOS Oracle and online coach. I want to share with you the diet and lifestyle changes I made to naturally reverse my PCOS and achieve hormonal balance. I believe using my holistic approach you too can take back control from PCOS.

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