Kiara Orbe-Feeding the Mitochondria: Essential Minerals for Fertility and Pregnancy #84

1 September 2021

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Kiara Orbe (@kiaramariewellness) is the founder of Kiara Marie Wellness. She works closely with women to educate and help them to create a sustainable lifestyle + nutrition habits that will allow them to cultivate a body and life that supports healthy hormones so they can not only feel their absolute best, but also feel empowered to start a family through all of the preconception resources she has in her toolkit.

Kiara went from being a victim to her health to now joining forces with her body. From hormonal imbalances, to gut issues and a wrecked metabolism - she has been through. it. ALL! She decided to take responsibility for her own wellbeing and dedicated the past 5 years to researching, education and learning about women’s health + fertility. She is now able to help other women do the same!

Are you feeding your mitochondria with the minerals/energy it needs?

UCLA Health (2020) reveal that an estimated 15% of couples will have trouble conceiving. The CDC (2013) and Office on Women’s Health (2019) found about 9% of men and 10% of women aged 15 to 44 reported infertility problems in the United States. Studies show that fertility rates in both males and females are declining.

To improve fertility, we must address the root of it-STRESS. There are so many different types of stress, so you must assess your life to find out what your stressors are. Stress depletes many minerals and can therefore cause mineral imbalances.

Minerals are needed to help our body develop and function normally. Through ensuring a balance of minerals, we can prevent disease and thrive in life. So failure to provide the body with the nutrients means many functions like reproduction, are affected.

In episode 84 of the podcast, I speak with Kiara Orbe about feeding the mitochondria, with a focus on the minerals needed for fertility and pregnancy.

It was such a pleasure speaking with Kiara, the information she shares in this episode is super important and very eye opening. There is just so much we are not told about minerals and the role a woman's nutrient status can have during pregnancy and for future ones.

It’s all super interesting!

Find out

  • Kiara's health journey
  • What effects fertility/types of stressors
  • Why we want to support our mitochondria/The role of mitochondria in egg quality
  • Things that deplete minerals
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test
  • Mineral ratios and fertility
  • Why you should avoid high fructose corn syrup
  • Foods to eat that contain the essential minerals

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

Awakening Fertility


Hey there! I am Despina Pavlou, founder of PCOS Oracle, certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  I want to share with you the diet and lifestyle changes I made to naturally reverse my PCOS and achieve hormonal balance. I believe using my holistic approach you too can take back control from PCOS.

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