Jacqui Niehaus: The Challenges of Nutrition Research : Why we see conflicting studies & How to recognise misleading statistics #88

2 November 2021

the challenges of nutrition research-ep 88 Jacqui Niehaus-pcos oracle podcast

Jacqui Niehaus (@the_nutrition_statiscian) is a biostatistician turned health coach. She has a master's degree in biostatistics, where she learned how to conduct and analyse clinical trials. After working as data scientist in the health and life insurance industry, she decided to follow her passion of health coaching and now helps other ladies overcome hormonal health struggles.

In episode 88 of the PCOS Oracle podcast, I speak with Jacqui Niehaus about the challenges of nutrition research.

Jacqui covered some really interesting an eye opening information when it comes to reading and analysing nutrition research papers. Through conducting your own research, I'm sure you have come across lots of conflicting papers and wondered, well who is right and what should I follow or believe.

Conflicting research papers on nutrition is really common. So when I came across Jacqui’s Instagram page and she suggested delving into this topic, I was super excited! This is a topic I’m sure so many people want to know more about and to understand why research results can be so contradictory.

Find out

  • Why we see so many conflicting research papers on nutrition
  • Relative risk vs absolute risk
  • The flaws in nutrition research methodologies
  • The Nuances in interpreting published papers-How to analyse a paper to identify if it's applicable to you and if it should be taken into consideration
  • Because of all these flaws and nuances, Jacqui identifies a better way to do research!

As I said, this was a super interesting interview and I'm certain you will enjoy it and will gain some valuable tips that you can use next time you are researching nutrition papers and looking for answers.


Please enjoy!

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