Irina Adriaensen: What are the Ayurveda Doshas and How to Balance them #68

November 2020

Irina adriaensen-ayurveda doshas

Irina (@foreversunday) is a Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Teacher and Coach. In her coaching she focuses on Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle practices. Her passion is to help women learn about Ayurveda and how they can apply and implement this ancient wisdom into modern life. She also organises Yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Portugal where she lives with her two rescue dogs.

In episode 68 of the PCOS Oracle Podcast I speak with Irian Adriaensen about Ayurveda, the different doshas and how to balance them.

Find out

  • the importance of a personalised diet to support hormonal health.
  • Ayurveda provides a framework with the ayurvedic mind-body types (doshas).
  • Ayurveda recognises that whatever your symptoms are, food can be healing.
  • Ayurveda also recognises that everyone is different, and while one way of eating works for one person, that same food may not work for someone else.

Please enjoy!

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Hey there! I am Despina Pavlou, founder of PCOS Oracle and online coach. I want to share with you the diet and lifestyle changes I made to naturally reverse my PCOS and achieve hormonal balance. I believe using my holistic approach you too can take back control from PCOS.

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