Dr. Melanie Keller: The Connection Between SIBO and PCOS #36

14 March 2019

Dr. Melanie Keller PCOS and SIBO ep.36

Dr. Melanie Keller (@dr.keller) specializes in the treatment of IBS, SIBO, and other chronic health conditions. This includes genetic and epigenetic influences now being linked to environmental toxins that contribute to an imbalanced gut microbiome and gut motility dysfunction. She is alumna of National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) and founding physician in the development of their SIBO Center and SIBO Symposium(s). She is currently practicing in Los Angeles, CA and virtually. When she is not seeing patients she enjoys stand-up comedy and therapeutic walks with her dog.

Dr. Keller explains the importance of a healthy gut and the connection between SIBO and PCOS. I really enjoyed recording this episode, it was really insightful and eye-opening. I certainly learned a lot and I hope you learn something from this episode too!

Find out:

  • Dr. Keller's own personal story suffering from SIBO and PCOS.
  • What is IBS
  • What is SIBO
  • What your poop means
  • How genetics and epigenetics can have an impact on your stool
  • Symptoms of SIBO
  • What can cause/trigger gut problems like SIBO
  • Testing your stomach acid
  • Treating low and high stomach acid
  • Celery juice hype or not?
  • How to go about treating PCOS and SIBO
  • How to lower SHBG levels raised by the birth control pill
  • Why and when you should stop eating probiotics and fermented foods


Please enjoy!

You can find the transcript of this episode below.

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