Jessica Ash: The Birth Control Pill and PCOS #45

20 June 2019

Jessica Ash birth control pill and pcos ep.45

Jessica Ash (@jessicaashwellness) is a SoCal based Functional Clinical Nutritionist & Health coach who specializes in female hormones, gut health, anti-aging and metabolism. Just five years ago, she was suffering from the symptoms of PCOS & 3 autoimmune diseases on a daily basis. Flash forward to now, she is healthier than ever and has transitioned from focusing on her own healing journey to helping hundreds of women change their mindset about their body and hack their hormones, so they can finally ditch their symptoms and live life on fire.

In today's episode of the podcast we spoke about a very popular topic in the PCOS community... and that is the Birth Control Pill. 

Find out

  • The basics of the menstrual cycle
  • What the Birth Control pill is/its purpose and how it works.
  • How the Birth Control Pill wrecks havoc on female hormones.
  • Whether the IUD is better than the Birth Control Pill
  • How to boost progesterone levels
  • Benefits of coconut oil
  • If dairy is safe for women with PCOS

Please enjoy!

You can find the transcript of this episode below.

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Want to hear the first time Jessica was on the podcast? — Listen to our conversation here. In that interview, Jessica shares her PCOS and autoimmune journey and provides her very own PCOS strategies and tips for healing. We discuss the hormones you need to test to establish if you have PCOS, diet/nutrition tips, the best exercise for PCOS and key vitamins and minerals women with PCOS need. (Stream below or right-click here to download.)

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Hey there! I am Despina Pavlou, founder of PCOS Oracle and online coach. I want to share with you the diet and lifestyle changes I made to naturally reverse my PCOS and achieve hormonal balance. I believe using my holistic approach you too can take back control from PCOS.

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  1. Mammie on July 31, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    I am a mother and I really needed this info thanks!

    • Despina on July 31, 2019 at 7:48 pm

      You are welcome! I am glad the podcast episode helped 🙂

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