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At PCOS Oracle we know and understand a PCOS diagnosis can feel as though your life has been flipped upside down. We also know how confusing and overwhelming it can be searching for the answers to your questions.
PCOS Oracle is a health and wellness website focused on providing women with PCOS the inspiration and knowledge they need to heal their PCOS and hormones naturally. You no longer have to feel lost or alone. We are here to help and support you on your healing journey.

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How can PCOS Oracle help you reverse your PCOS naturally?

At PCOS Oracle we publish in-depth and evidence-based articles that inform and inspire healthy lifestyle changes. We are here to provide you with the facts and put an end to the myths surrounding PCOS.  Expect tons of valuable content, including answers to your most frequently asked questions, diet and fitness advice, natural and holistic wellness tips, reviews, expert interviews, and guides.

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Despina Pavlou PCOS Oracle PCOS Personal Trainer

Hey there!

I am Despina Pavlou online coach and Certified Personal Trainer. I have been where you are today, confused, lost and alone. After being diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 18, I was forced to learn about PCOS and my body to overcome it.

Over the years I made consistent and sustainable changes to both my diet, lifestyle and mindset. I balanced my hormones, regained a regular and pain-free period as well as my happiness and confidence. I am here to put your mind at rest and show you how I used nutrition and lifestyle modifications to naturally heal my PCOS and hormones.

Knowledge is power and therefore I want to provide you with the tools and knowledge to take back control and live the life you dreamed, once and for all!

The Cause of My PCOS

Before my diagnosis, I had not heard of PCOS and therefore did not associate the experiences I had throughout my teenage years as something that needed medical attention. I experienced painful and fairly irregular periods as well as hirsutism. Both of these issues made me feel self-conscious, but I just believed these were things I had to accept and live with.

While studying in my late teens, my lifestyle changed. I went from being an active, healthy soccer player to rarely exercising and eating poorly; this coupled with chronic stress took a toll on my hormones. I gained weight, lost my period and suffered from depression and anxiety.

Fearing for my health, I decided, it was time to visit a Doctor to find out exactly what was going on. The necessary blood tests and ultrasound, all confirmed I had PCOS.

I felt confused, upset, angry and alone. I was asking myself why this had happened to me and what this PCOS diagnosis meant for my health and my future. There were so many questions I needed answers to and wanted someone to help me understand my condition and what I needed to to be done.

"Epigenetics suggests we can turn on and off the genetic expression of PCOS and how our environment can trigger our PCOS symptoms."

My Biggest Regret

The support and guidance I had from Doctors, unfortunately, was not helpful. My doctor simply prescribed the birth control pill and told me that when I decide to have children in the future, my options will be discussed. No real solution or long-term plan for my problem.

Taking the birth control pill was awful and one of my biggest regrets. I experienced a range of side effects from digestive issues, panic attacks, mood swings and a swollen left calf (possibly thrombosis).

I no longer wanted to follow the mainstream advice given around PCOS or take any more pills. I realized there was no magic pill or best diet for PCOS, I had to take back full control of my health.

"With the correct approach, you too can achieve your success story!" 

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A Human Experiment

I embarked on a mission to learn about PCOS, spending an endless number of hours researching medical journals, listening to podcasts and reading books. With the help of the research, I created a plan built around 5 key components:

Nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and mindset.

Within 6 months, I began seeing improvements in my cycle, my energy levels, and my mood.

Successfully healing my PCOS and hormones naturally, I decided to create PCOS Oracle. From my transformation, it was clear, how important taking a natural and holistic approach was. I genuinely believe in the notion that food is medicine and how the food we eat is either feeding or fighting the disease.

I want to share what I learned with you, hoping that you will avoid making the same mistakes. Whatever circumstances are holding you back, I am here to help. You are in charge!